how many of you guys have a PS3.Leave your name here then ill put a post about you on my the special people who have PS3 port.Also i wanna share info on the game.The PS3 is the newest version of the P.S(Play system.It has very good grapics and has inhansed games on it.For people who love gaming and are broke and wanna get the game.I suggest you save your money and go to your local Game Stop or Software e.t.c that is all for now bye.


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game systems video

hope you like this one ­čÖé

just click the blue bar below to watch soul calibar 3

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X-Box 360

The X-Box 360 is one of the most best game systems you could ever have.This is so because it has the worlds best graphics(for now).It is way better than the original X-box because it has better graphics and has more intense,inhansed games than ever before.For gamers who are broke and wanna get this system i suggest save your money.And when you do go to your local Game Stop or Software e.t.c and purchase this fine item.And for people who do have this great system give me your name and ill put it on my lucky people who have the powerful X-Box 360 post.Ill put your name and say this lucky person has the X-Box 360

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the first game system

this is the first game system to be played on your computer this was back 1974.

October 3, 2006 at 1:20 am 5 comments


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